Quick Start

In the beginning there shall be a new project. Tap img/Add.png to create a new and empty project.

Touch the name field and christen your project. After that let us take a look at the categories. Tap the categories field to display the yet empty list. You may place the same project into one or more categories. Touch Edit List to create new categories or to rename or delete existing categories. Tap img/Add.png to create a new and empty category.

Tap the name field to type the name of the category. You may define rules not only for projects but also for categories. Leave the rule field emtpy. Tap Done twice to get back to the category list. Now select your newly created category.

Commit your work by tapping Save. Now we are ready to take a look at the rules. Touch Add new rule to create a new and empty rule.

Assemble the rules from these building blocks:

 Unit Period
At least
  hours per day
About  minutes per week
At most
 per month
    per year
   % of a category

You may narrow the rule to selected days of the week:

Tap Save and then Done to return to the measuring screen.


Time is Right in Action

Start measuring your time by tapping a project in the list. You may tap the Play button but tapping anywhere into the row is sufficient.

The active project will be displayed on top of the screen and you can watch the time passing by. You may leave the App and the timer is still active.

Tap the Stop button to pause the timer or start measuring another project. Time is Right handles at most one project at the same time.

The App measures the time of an entire day. You may enter elapsed time manually or correct an existing reading. Tap Detail to display the details of an project and touch More... to select a single day.

Use the picker to set the three values of a reading: start of the first reading of a day, end of the last reading, and elapsed time between this points.