Use Time is Right to find out where your time is hiding and to motivate yourself to tackle the important things.


First begin recording your time. Type in all the things you have to do and especially those you wish to do. Let's call these things projects.
Now you can measure your time.


Sort your projects into categories for a better overview: work, leisure, duties... From now on Time is Right will be at your side and is aware of your time.

But measuring time alone is not time management. Which things take too much time? Which projects fall behind? Let's take a look at the interesting part: Let the app check your personal goals. Supply your projects and categories with rules and learn where your time is hiding.

Formulate your goals in Time is Right:
  • Work at most 40 hours per week
  • Commute at most five hours per week
  • Relax about 30 minutes per day
  • Play the fiddle about 45 minutes per week
  • Meet friends at least 50% of leisure time
  • Do paperwork at most 5% of leisure time
Verify at a glance if you meet your goals:


Actually Time is Right is not meant as a tool for timekeeping and writing bills. However you may send the offered reports via e-mail. From these CSV files you may generate your own reports. Time is Right measures on a per-day basis.

Time is Right cannot conjure up any time, but kicks you in the butt when time is lost...


English and german

System Requirements

Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch with software update 3 or Apple iPad