Better Place will help yourself getting aware of your life.

Don‘t think in simple categories like good and evil or rack your brain what your neighbour might think about you.
Essential is just one question: are you content with your doings or do you think you can do better?


The first view gives you a quick overview over your former judgements. Just tap green if you have accomplished something satisfying or tap red for anything gone wrong. That‘s all. Better Place won‘t blame you. But soon you will see if you live a better life than you ever have thought.

After each tap you will receive a short respite. Do you really have to count twice a dramatic event?


Improve your life by concentrating on a careful selection of goals. Add one of your personal goals and tap green every time you got it right.

Touch img/Add.png to create a new and empty goal.

Each tap on red or green will be counted by the today view, you don‘t have to tap on both views.

Deleting a Favorite

The iPhone and iPod touch know a gesture for deleting list entries: Swipe over the entry to reveal a button for commiting the action.



Retrieve the state of the world as seen by Better Place. Watch the world changing.
While retrieving the state of the world your own average value will be provided to the community. The world will not learn about your counters, your personal goals, nor your location.

You need an active connection to the internet.

After getting the state of the world, the worldwide average of all Better Place users will be displayed by means of the shadow on the earth. The light side denotes the green counter, the dark side denotes the red counter.

You may turn the earth to take a look at your own country. The average value will be collected worldwide and is not evaluated for specific regions.