Take charge of your life: watch your successes and wasted opportunities.

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Count all the moments in your life that leave a good feeling. Do you have achieved something special? Done something that others should try as well? Count it!
Don't forget to watch your dark side: done something wrong or missed an opportunity?
Tell no details, just become aware of your life and log your good and your bad feelings.

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Set your personal goals:
Do you want to cut back on smoking? Count every moment you manage to say "No". But it is more important to count every smoked cigarette.
What is with your piano playing? Count every day you practiced and learned something new.
Another week passed and you forgot to call your mother? Count every week you pick up the phone.

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The counters of your personal goals affect the overall counter. Shortly you will see how your life is developing.

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Take a look at the rest of the world:
Retrieve the state of the world from the internet and view the worldwide average of all the good and bad doings of all Better Place users. Will the world really become a darker place? Or can you help make the world brighter?

Change your world to a better place!


English and german

System Requirements

Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch with software update 3 or Apple iPad