Touch img/Add.png to create a new and empty wish.

Touch on the groups Wish/Details, Prize, Priority, Due Date, Wishlists, or Private one after another and type the details of your wish. Fill in at least the Wish group as it serves as the headline of your wish. You may leave the details and other groups empty.


Private Wishes

Your girlfriend has been curious and rummaged in those wishlists? Mark her wishes private in the future to initially hide them from your wishlists. When marking a wish for the first time you will be asked to assign a password for showing the private wishes. You may leave the text field blank or cancel the dialog to show private wishes without requesting a password.

You may mark wishlists private as well. All wishes contained in a private wishlist will be hidden even if the wishes itself are not marked private. 

After marking a wish private it will be instantly hidden from the wishlists. To show these wishes again touch img/Action.png. If you have assigned a password it will be requested before showing the private wishes.
Private wishes will be displayed in italics.
To change the password or deactivate the password altogether choose Wish I Had in the Settings App


You can place the same wish into one ore more wishlists. Touch Edit List to create new wishlists or to rename or delete existing lists.

Touch img/Add.png to create a new and empty wishlist.

The due date of a wishlist is valid throughout a year. After the due date has passed it will be moved one year into the future. That comes handy for birthdays and other anniversaries. The due date shown in the list is the earliest date of the due dates of the wich and all enclosing wishlists.


Ticking off a Wish

Finally you have allowed yourself one of your wishes. Maybe you want to keep in mind the prize payed. Just tick the wish off and leave it in your wishlists.

To remove the checkmark touch Reactivate Wish.

You can hide all fulfilled wishes to stay focused on your current wishes. Touch img/Action.png to show possible actions.

In almost the same manner you can show again the fulfilled wishes.


Deleting Wishes and Wishlists

Select a wish and touch Edit or select a wishlist in editing mode respectively. At this point you will find the buttons Delete Wish or Delete Wishlist. Don't be afraid, the wish will not be deleted until committing the action.

Shortcut for Ticking off or Deleting a Wish

The iPhone and iPod touch know a gesture for deleting list entries: Swipe left or right over the entry to reveal a button for commiting the action.

If you swipe over a wish that is not ticked off you will be asked to tick off the wish or delete it permanently.

Caution: If you swipe over a wish that has been ticked off it will be deleted without further notice.


Sending Your Wishlists by E-mail

You can forward all of your wishes as e-mail using the current sort sequence. Touch img/Action.png again to show possible actions.

For sending the actual e-mail, Wish I Had will be closed and Mail opened instead. Choose a recipient and send your wishes.