Wish I Had is the notebook for all of your wishes! List all things that you can buy with money, that are yet unaffordable or that are priceless. Note gifts for surprising your friends and beloves ones.

Organize your wishes and ideas by name and by priority. Add details, numbers, and all the small things to remember.

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If your wish is purchasable jot the price down and see what is affordable for you at the moment.

The best thing about it: Arrange all of your wishes into your wish lists. You will have your own lists, but lists for your family, your friends, and fellows as well. Or lists for your favorite shops, for your hobbies, or for your development.

Details eines Wunsches

Every wish may end in several wish lists. If a birthday comes closer, just take a look into the wish list of the birthday child. If you drop into a book shop, open your book list and you are done.

Alle Wunschlisten

Feel free to note also your major tasks or lended things, you name it.


  • Organize your wishes in wishlists
  • Mark wishes satisfied
  • Add due dates to your wishes and wishlists
  • Mark wishes private as protection against curious eyes
  • Secure private wishes by password
  • Show total cost of every wishlist
  • Organize wishes by priority
  • Send your wishlists by e-mail
Senden als E-Mail


English and german

System Requirements

Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch with software update 3 or Apple iPad